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May I travel? Tips for finding your trip

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The pandemic started and changed a lot. Almost everything has stopped or been paused. There were times of rigid isolation followed by slightly less rigorous days, but one thing remains certain, no way around it: social distance must be respected.

Thus, even though some activities gradually restarted, we must still respect social distancing, and take all the necessary precautions. So, what's the goal of this text? We want to help people who are addicted to traveling to find options that respect social distancing and do not put their lives or those of others at risk.

My first suggestion (a very personal one) is: make sure you have information about the healthcare structure of the place you want to visit. Small and more isolated locations in developing (and even in developed) countries tend not to have a solid healthcare infrastructure. So, it is important to make sure that, if you need it, you can find professional care at a reasonable distance and within a reasonable timeframe.

Still on healthcare, find out what the numbers of the pandemic are in the region you chose to visit. Look for destinations where numbers are stable or trending down, and where the situation is under control. And never, under any circumstances, go to a location if you have any of the symptoms of Covid-19. Havens like (Fernando) Noronha, in the coast of Brazil, for example, have reopened, but the healthcare infrastructure there would not support an outbreak.

That said, shall we consider some basic questions?

  1. Look at your state or regional map and identify which interesting destinations are within reach with your own transportation

  2. Did you choose to rent a house or go to a hostel/hotel?

  • Contact the accomodation to find out the allowed percentage of occupancy. Most hotels are restricting occupancy to assure social distancing measures

  • What generic hygiene measures are in place?

  • How long is the down time before a new guest is allowed in a room?

  • What hygiene measures are being taken in common spaces (such as a pool)?

  • Are employees wearing PPE?

  • Are guests required to use masks and social distance?

Photo by Belinda Fewing in Unsplash

3. Are the places you intend to visit really open, and what are the current hours of opening? (Make sure you can actually visit the attractions you want to see)

  • Be mindful of any local or regional rules - some cities and states have strict rules on who can visit, what can be visited, and how visitors need to prepare and present themselves (bring negative Covid-19 tests, mandatory masks etc)

  • Outdoor activities are safer (this does not mean they are completely safe!). Give preference to beaches, hikes, climbing and other outdoor activities

And don't forget: masks must be changed whenever they are wet, 70% alcohol must always be in hand, don't forget yours!

Opening photo by Shutterstock

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