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Fun for children, all around the globe

In Brazil, October 12 is a national holiday, Day of Our Lady Aparecida, the country's patron saint. The date also marks the national celebration of Children's Day. Konsuu brought the two together, the holiday and the children, with suggestions for tours and trips with the little ones in different parts of the world. There is a water park, science and children’s museums and even tips on how to entertain your child in traditional museums. Shall we go?


Acqua Park, Beach Park - Aquiraz, CE

Photo: Beach Park , Beach Park , CC BY-SA 4.0

Located at Porto das Dunas beach, in the municipality of Aquiraz (17 km from Fortaleza), Beach Park is the largest water park in Brazil and has attractions for children of all ages. For those who like pure adrenaline, the Insano is a 41m-high toboggan that boasts speeds of 150km/h. But the waterpark is not just for adrenaline junkies. Treasure Island has attractions for babies and toddlers. There are several pools, including a lazy river that will provide you moments of pure relaxation. Share a fun day with your family!

Museu do Amanhã - Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Part of a project to revitalize the port region of Rio de Janeiro, the Museum of Tomorrow was created to be a must-see attraction in the city. The impressive building, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, was inspired by the bromeliads of the Botanical Garden. A stroll around Praça Mauá (where the museum is located) with its ponds, garden, bike path and leisure area, is already a fun program for all ages.

If you choose to enter the museum, purchase your tickets online to avoid the long lines that are sure to return as soon as tourism regains strength. And make sure to schedule enough time to linger around each of the many attractions of the 15-thousand-square-meter space designed to discuss what the future will be like based on the choices we make today.

The museum's attractions are interactive and there are several immersive spaces. It is not difficult to find pairs of little eyes gawking at the huge terrestrial globe that hangs from the ceiling right at the entrance, or at a fabric that seems to fly in the air to simulate the flows of movement that allow life on Earth. Guided visits and educational activities are also part of the museum’s DNA.


Traveling in the US with children is generally very easy. Most tourist attractions, from museums to restaurants, are prepared to welcome young visitors. In museums, it is quite common to have an area reserved for children with special activities for the little ones. A good tip is to reserve a time just for them at least once a day. Take advantage of the playgrounds, they have activities for all ages, are fun, safe and easy to find (most residential neighborhoods or parks have a playground, some of them very cool). Needless to say, you should also always book a few hours or days to focus just on the children. A good tip is to look for children's museums, common in most American cities, even in small ones. Here are some of our favorites:

Orlando Science Center - Orlando (FL)

Looking for a break from the parks and for a shorter, cheaper and quieter day in Orlando, while still keeping the little ones entertained? Check Orlando Science Center. The kids will play and learn about science in the many interactive exhibits. With prices ranging from 15 to 21 dollars per person, it is sure to be a hit with children of all ages for much less than the typical park entrance fee.

Children’s Museum of Denver - Denver (CO)

One of the best children's museums we have ever visited: from the outdoor to the indoor area, many activities for all ages. Giant and fog-filled soap bubbles, water and kinetic circuits, mini city, indoor climbing tower and more. Reserve at least an entire afternoon to enjoy with your little ones.

Children’s Museum of Virginia - Portsmouth (VA)

Another excellent children's museum. If you are in the Norfolk, Portsmouth or Virginia Beach area, don't miss the opportunity to check this little gem. The museum has a planetarium, a very complete small town (with market, port, veterinary clinic, hospital, bank), interactive science exhibitions (electricity, kinetics etc.), soap bubble area and much more. The huge train display and model train room is a delight for everyone.

Museum of Science, Cambridge (MA)

The Museum of Science, on the border between Cambridge and Boston, and on the banks of the Charles River, is a paradise for children. The permanent exhibitions cover a wide range of science subjects, but the events that take place daily are, in my view, the highlight of the Museum. You can watch experiments with electricity, observe animals and help paleontologists analyze excavated material from around the world. In addition, the Museum has a permanent butterfly garden, where you can stroll around and observe various live species. Also check the 3D and 4D cinemas and the excellent planetarium.

Exploratorium - San Francisco (CA)

Photo: Fabrice Florin from Mill Valley, USA,

San Francisco Exploratorium - South Side , CC BY-SA 2.0

The Exploratorium is a children's museum focused on science. There are several interactive exhibits that will help explain scientific concepts to the little ones, mainly in physics. Although children of all ages can visit, older children will benefit more from the learning opportunities. It is also interesting for young people and adults who like science.


Although I think it's easier to find children's attractions in the USA than in Europe, it does not mean your little ones cannot accompany you on a visit to the old continent. Try to find out if the attractions you intend to visit have activities for children. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, for example, has a fun treasure hunt, interesting for children of different ages, as well as an audio guide program for families. It is also common for museums to offer workshops or classes for children, usually on weekends (just make sure the workshops are in a language your child will understand).

Heureka - Helsinki, Finland

Located in Vantaa, but easily accessible through public transport from Helsinki, Heureka is a museum focused on science and knowledge for kids of all ages. There are not many permanent exhibits, so repeat visits won’t get boring. Another plus is that information is also listed in English. It is, however, another one of those museums more focused on children that also charges entrance fees for adults.


Museum of Illusions - Dubai

Located in the Al Seef region, a modern area on the banks of Dubai Creek whose architecture recalls ancient Dubai, is the Museum that uses optical illusion to entertain people of all ages. There are almost 100 attractions ranging from the classic kaleidoscope to the giant chair and infinite tunnel. Each one of them yields an "instagrammable" click and don't worry if you are alone or if your travel pals have no skills in photography. The museum floor is full of markings indicating the ideal place to photograph each attraction and the extremely friendly staff are always available to take pictures at your request, enticing even the most selfie-resistant ones to play (and be photographed!).

Puzzles and other games that stimulate cognitive skills have a dedicated area in the museum and are a great family activity. For a group of adults, about 1 hour is time enough at the museum, but, with children, set aside more time for the fun and make sure to go for a stroll around the peaceful surroundings. Dubai has been receiving tourists since July 7 and the Museum is open until 10 pm, which makes it easy to fit the program into any itinerary.

Photos: personal archive and Unsplash, unless otherwise noted.

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