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Fortaleza brings us together. And we lead life in Ceará style, in diaspora, always willing to explore new cantons, wherever work, family, friends or love take us. Helsinki, Boston, São Paulo. We go out to look at the world, live new experiences, feel new joys, dive into what is foreign, smile, cry, and come back, because Fortaleza is home.


Konsuu (pronounced /konsuu/) comes from the shared understanding that the whole world can be home, that any city can temporarily be a new way of looking at each other and at our differences. The name has an Egyptian origin, and it is inspired by the god of travelers, moon god. That's what we want to share with you: the ability to fly free, the passion for new horizons brought upon by a suitcase in hand.


What about Covid-19? Yes, the timing may seem strange, but it is not. Some people want to go home, others want to get back to what they left at other places. We all thought this would be quick...


But there are also those of us who are planning, setting up our dream trip. The memories of that book that you never forgot, the image of a film that got stuck in your head or the one photograph that you decided you had to go take by yourself. It is time for dreams, because better days will come. And we need to have our bags ready!

The idea


The people

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